This year, more than ever, the people on your holiday shopping list will appreciate gifts that will make their homes more enjoyable places to be. You might be tempted to purchase a few of them for yourself, too! 

Whether you’re looking for something that will help them pass the time or simply something lovely to enhance their decor, there are plenty of options worth wrapping up for the holidays.

To Entertain 

Jigsaw Puzzle By Robyn Blair These colorful candy-themed jigsaw puzzles are fun for everyone. Each puzzle is 200 pieces and features art by NYC-based ­“Candy Artist” Robyn Blair. Her creations evoke a sense of happiness and joyful nostalgia. $48.

Our Happy Place Guest Towels. If your recipient is starting to invite guests over, these stylish linenlike disposable hand towels will be a great enhancement to their guest bathrooms. Towels can be personalized with the recipient’s name or in other creative ways. Many other styles are available, and in different quantities. $130 for a package of 200. 

Kodak Luma 350 Portable Smart Projector. Make their movie night epic with this ultra-small, yet powerful, 4K projector that lets them screen their ­favorites wherever they go. It connects easily to a computer, gaming system, cable box or video player, giving your recipient a crisp viewing display of up to 150 inches that can be projected onto a wall or a hung bedsheet. Since the projector measures just five inches square and weighs under a pound, you can easily take it to the backyard, beach house or wherever the day takes you. $299. Widely available. 

Snowflake Cocktail Picks. These cocktail picks are sure to make any cocktail hour sparkle! A fantastic hostess gift for the holidays or a just-because present for the person who loves a festive cocktail. Both beautiful and functional, these fabulous picks will be in constant rotation all season long. $88 for a set of six.

To decorate

Animal Rugs. These playful rugs are an animal-friendlier riff on the classic “bearskin”-style rugs and are the perfect addition to any home office, nursery or bathroom. Made of 100% wool and handmade in India. Take your pick of seven animal themes—­polar bear, lion, leopard, panda, brown bear, gorilla, orangutan. Rugs are ­approximately 60 x 36 inches. $250.

Designer Paper Vase Wraps. These paper flower vases can wrap around any small container (a can, a water bottle with the top cut off, a stemless wine glass, etc.) to help turn your flower arrangements into pieces of art. $18 for a set of three. 

Positively Posh Diffuser Kit. Diffusers are a wonderful way to add luscious scent to any room. This diffuser also humidifies while it adds the scent of citrus, lavender, geranium, rose or ylang ylang. $80. 

Hand Gesture Candles. Everyone needs a little peace, love and rock and roll in their lives. Each of these chic handmade candles feature the handprints of their maker. A perfect gift for someone who wants to add some personality to the dining room table or spruce up a home office. $50.

To Help Them Live Better

Bala Bangles. Bala bangles are the wrist weights you never knew you needed. These stylish fitness accessories can make even the most mundane tasks a workout. You can add a constant but comfortable resistance to your home workouts, walks around the neighborhood or chores with these one-pound weights. They are perfect for yoga, running and core training. Bala Bangles are made of the highest-quality fitness ­materials and come in a range of colors. $49.

Bath Bomb CBD Soak. Self-care is as important as ever, and calming rituals have become a common practice for many. Give the gift of relaxation with these CBD bath bomb soaks. They are relaxing and beautiful with each soak creating a pearlescent water effect. Under the Pale Moon Sky features blueberries and passionflower, with a floral scent of lilac, roses and lilies. Full Spectrum of Possibilities features melon, lemongrass and sandalwood. $42 for 14 ounces.

LARQ Self-Cleaning UV Water Bottle. This bottle will help ensure that the recipients always have access to clean water, no matter where they go. The bottle emits UV-C LED light to clean the water and the bottle interior, removing 99.9999% of all bacteria and viruses. Its self-­cleaning mode runs a cleaning cycle every two hours to help keep water clean all day long, or you can use the “adventure mode” to deep clean water when you’re camping or using water from a place that has a less-than-impeccable water system. The bottle is double-walled to help keep water cold for 24 hours or hot for up to 12 hours. The LED light is guaranteed to work for more than 100,000 cleaning cycles. $95  for a 17-ounce bottle…$118 for a 25-ounce. 

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