As many of you know, my husband has had some health issues lately…and those issues have kept him out of work for months. His employer—a small family business—was kind and kept paying him…but after the 12th week, they finally had to let him go.

Such a sad moment for Kevin! He loved the job, loved the people—but he couldn’t go back to work yet, and the company needed someone to do his job.

I, however, looked at this event in a slightly different way. I truly believe that most things happen for a reason. In this case, the reason was that it was time for us to move.

We have been in our home since 1998. It is lovely and renovated, and we have enjoyed living in our town. It is also expensive and, truthfully, not big enough now that I work from home full-time. But until that moment, we were tied to this area because of Kevin’s job.

Almost at the same moment, we looked at each other and said, “Now we can move somewhere else!” The possibilities are exciting. We started looking online at houses in the area we are considering…I contacted a real estate agent to appraise our home…I talked to our financial advisers…and we got the ball rolling. We are excited for the future—to try a new area…to meet new people…and more.

Suddenly that sad moment became full of opportunity and promise.

This was our “lemonade” moment. I would love to hear about yours!

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