Finally—we can ditch bulky winter clothes…but now there’s nothing to hide out-of-shape bodies and winter weight gain!

Don’t panic. It’s easier to trim down and tone up your body in time for summer than you might think. And you won’t need exercise “boot camp!”

You will soon be fit and fabulous with the advice from our top experts in the Bottom Line Guide to Easy (and Fun!) Ways to Shape Up for Summer. Check out how twisting (not the ’60s dance!) makes you stronger and improves your balance…why you’re walking wrong—and how to do it right so you benefit more…the six-step program that really gets you fit—it’s simple and fast…how working out for one minute whittles waists…how to get in shape while you garden (really!)…why you need to exercise in 3-D…and much more.

So get out your cross-trainers and read below for great ways to have fun while getting yourself in shape for summer!

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Get More for Your Efforts

Best Ways to Get the Most from Exercise

Exercise in 3-D…for Strength and Safety

Get a Full-Body Workout Without Going to a Gym

You Can Exercise Less and Be Just as Healthy

Exercise—When Less Is More

Strength Training for Seniors (Beginners, Too)—No Gym Needed

Time-Saving Moves (and a Money Saver!)

The Easiest Way to Get Fit Quick

This 7-Minute Workout Really Works

The Quick, Powerful Workout You’re Probably Not Getting

One-Minute Workouts? Yes—Because Every Brisk Minute Counts

Add a Mini-Workout to Your Workday…and Live Longer

Five-Minute Exercise Regimen

Get In Shape for Free

Walking…What You Didn’t Know

Why Walking Is the #1 Way to Exercise

Do You Walk Wrong? 7 Mistakes That Can Sabotage Your Walking Workout

Walk This Way to Stay Happy and Fit Without Breaking a Sweat

Too Much Fun to Be Exercise!

Twist Your Way to Fitness

Not a Fitness Fad—the Hula Hoop for Weight Loss

Fast, Fun Core Workout with Kettlebells

Do-Anywhere Jump Rope Workout

The Great Gardening Workout

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