I take pride in being honest with my family, my friends and with you, our Bottom Line subscribers. And I am guessing that the news I am about to share will not surprise many of you, but I hope you will hear me out…

Starting with the June issue, Bottom Line Personal will be monthly—32 pages once a month, instead of two 16-page issues. ­Knowing how astute you are, you may have seen this coming after we started producing four 32-page issues last year.

But what you may not realize is that the primary reason for this change is you! We feel a tremendous obligation to keep Bottom Line Personal coming to you each month, providing you with valuable insider coverage of the topics that affect you most—your health, your finances and so much more.

The reality is, like most print publishers today, we are faced with significantly increasing paper, ink and postage costs…with no end in sight. So we had two choices—increase your subscription price, something we have strived mightily not to do…or combine the two 16-page issues into one 32-page issue. That one expanded monthly issue will provide the same amount of content as the two issues with the same excellent coverage from our panel of extraordinary health and financial experts.

Some of you may be disappointed—I know that you like receiving your two issues per month. Some of you may be excited—I heard from lots of r­eaders who love the expanded issues. But I hope you understand that you were our first priority when it came to this decision. And I hope you will give us a chance to prove that to you!

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