Most of wish there were some easy way to make our lives run more smoothly and more efficiently and with less stress. The truth is that all of us tend to make our lives harder than they have to be—without knowing it. We do things that get in the way of achieving our full potential. The good news is that you can change all that around. It isn’t a secret and it’s not hard to do!

The Bottom Line Guide: How to Be Your Best Self has just the information you need to help you figure out what is holding you back from being your best self, even unconsciously, and what you can do about it. For instance, our top experts will show you easy ways to focus on the positive, such as a simple gesture that stops negative thinking in its tracks…and how to avoid wasting your precious time and energy by asking yourself a certain question. You’ll also learn four steps to defuse the power of a toxic memory…about “memory clutter” and how to get rid of it…how to make difficult decisions while you sleep…what the right mantra can do for you…how to solve any problem—literally!…and much more.

Read below for how to stop needlessly struggling and getting in your own way so you can have the wonderfully rewarding, calm, successful and happy life you should have…

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Clearing the Way…

Tap Away Fears and Phobias with Thought Field Therapy

The Secret to Stopping Negative Thinking: Toss Those Thoughts in the Trash

How to Avoid Assuming the Worst

Bad Thoughts About Others: The Poison Inside Your Mind

How to Deal with Chronic Complainers

Rid Your House of Memory Clutter

In Your Dreams…and Other Creative Solutions

The Power (and Fun!) of Lucid Dreaming

Use Music to Help You Relax, Improve Your Mood, Fall Asleep and More

The Power of a Personal Mantra

Solve Any Problem in 3 Steps

The New You!

9 Things Happy People Don’t Do

How to Succeed in Life from Peter Drucker—the Man Who Taught the World How to Succeed in Business

Retrain Your Brain—and Break Free from the Patterns That Are Holding You Back

Say This, Not That

Unhappy? Three Ways to Turn It Around

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