Look at those tasty cheese ends left over from your party. Don’t throw them out—make cheese spread!

Here’s how…

First, look at what you have. You don’t want to use very hard Parmesan or Pecorino rinds, but anything else should do, such as brie, cheddar, gouda…whatever you have that has some life left. Gather your cheese bits to equal about one cup (more or slightly less is fine, depending on what you have), and add to a small food processor. Add one clove of chopped garlic, a pat of butter (about one-half tablespoon), a tablespoon of herbs (whatever you have…fresh rosemary and thyme are nice, but a teaspoon or two of dried herbs work, too) and a splash of white wine (about three tablespoons). Blend on high until smooth. Add a tiny bit more wine if your cheeses are more hard than soft.

Then pull out the baguette slices and fancy crackers, and spread (or dip) away!

Thanks to Food.com for this tip.

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