Everyone should have this nonsoapy multitasker by their sink. Here’s what it is and why you need it…

The nonsoapy super spray: Blend white vinegar with a bit of water (three parts vinegar to one part water) in a recycled spray bottle.

Aside from cleaning counters, windows and stainless steel (as if that weren’t enough!), here’s what your cheap vinegar blend can do for you…

Quick wine glass cleaner. Ever pull out a wine glass for yourself or a guest and find that it’s covered with dust and water spots? Soap can leave an unattractive residue on wine glasses.* A quick spritz of your vinegar mix and a rinse and a wipe will make your wine glass sparkle.

Ant or fruit fly killer. What’s that creeper doing in your clean kitchen? Squirt him (and his friends) and wipe away. Also, sweep and wipe down any area where the ants seem to congregate, and spray the area with your vinegar solution and let dry (do not wipe off). Ants will stay away, and your pets and kids will stay safe.

Greasy-meat-juice-spill-near-your-prep-area cleaner. Some spills need more than just a wet dishcloth, and you don’t want your food to taste like soap! Squirt the area with your vinegar bottle, and wipe clean. You’ll get a hit of disinfecting, too.

Sticker and sticky-residue remover. To remove a sticker (price tag or otherwise) from a recent purchase or from any other surface, spritz it with your vinegar…and voilà! The sticky part comes off like a breeze.

*Thanks to Amy Dixon for help with this tip. She’s a former buyer and fine wine expert at Stew Leonard’s wine stores and is currently managing a portfolio of fine wine collectors at Nicholas Roberts Fine Wines in Darien, Connecticut.

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