I am sure many of you saw Madonna at the Grammy Awards. I’ll be honest—I grew up watching and listening to her, but I almost didn’t recognize the 64-year-old singer. When the media questioned whether she’d had cosmetic surgery, Madonna accused them of ageism. Perhaps…or maybe Madonna is fighting so hard against getting older that she has put herself in the spotlight.

Madonna and I are not too far apart in age. When I look in the mirror, I see every line and wrinkle…and I am always on the hunt for that magic product that will take 10 years off my face. I haven’t ruled out cosmetic surgery—nor do I judge those who choose to have enhancements done. In fact, we have even written about them!

But there is a lot to be said for aging gracefully. I come from a long line of lovely women who did just that—my grandmothers both lived into their 90s. My mother and my aunts all take care of their health…watch their diets and exercise…and never leave home without moisturizer and sunscreen.

Even more important, though, is their wisdom—the kind that comes with age and experience. I think that’s what should be celebrated as we get older—not how young we look.

Of course, I am anti-ageism where it truly exists—when older people are overlooked or discounted. But we should applaud all the older women and men in our lives who are comfortable in their own skin—wrinkled or not.

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