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Our generation spends more time indoors than any generation in history, which means that we are engulfed in germs at home, at the office, in school and more. We can either be victims of this onslaught, or we can develop a plan of attack. But first you have to know where to look. In this edition of The Bottom Line Advocator, Bottom Line CEO Sarah Hiner talks germs with Dr. Charles Gerba, the top expert in the field of “germology” who discloses the worst places that germs hide, many of them in plain sight! (elevator buttons…ATM machines…ect.). Know where they are. Know how to kill them. Know how to protect yourself. Other topics explored: Why do people always get sick when starting a new job? And Dr. Gerba’s take on the famous “5-second rule.” All of those questions answered and more in this edition of The Bottom Line Advocator.

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