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Tired of suffering from muscle or joint pain that just won’t go away? Scientists have recently discovered that fascia—the connective tissue that holds all of our muscles in place—actually is an extremely sophisticated communication network that has a huge impact on chronic pain. The good news is that properly caring for your fascia can help you live pain-free.

In this edition of the Bottom Line Advocator Podcast, Laurie Steelsmith, ND, LAc, a naturopathic physician, licensed acupuncturist and medical director of Steelsmith Natural Health Center, joins Bottom Line President and CEO Sarah Hiner to talk about the hidden role that fascia plays in your body and the specific self-care strategies that will help relieve your pain…once and for all. Dr. Steelsmith is author of Natural Choices for Women’s Health and the Bottom Line blog “Natural Healing Secrets for Women.”

Topics covered include…

  • Fascia: An emerging field of study (5:52 – 7:45)
  • Where fascia is found in the body and its varied functions (7:45 – 10:02)
  • How the gut microbiome interacts with your fascia (10:02 – 11:13)
  • The role that fascia plays in your body’s biomechanics  (11:13 – 14:31)
  • Fascia’s surprising connection to hormones (14:31 – 16:57)
  • How fascia works with your lymphatic system (16:57 – 18:29)
  • Fascial lines: The site of pain may not be the source (18:29 – 21:01)
  • Practitioners who know the most about fascia (21:01 – 22:26)
  • Self-care for fascia—foam rollers, lacrosse balls, etc. (22:26 – 25:26)   
  • When to consider injections and trigger-point therapy (25:26 – 30:04)
  • Using hydration and nutrition to care for your fascia (30:04 – 34:27)
  • Supplements that boost the health of your fascia (34:27 – 37:10)
  • Stretching plus best approaches for fascial adhesions (37:10 – 39:56)
  • Is zero pain a realistic expectation? (39:56 – 45:09)
  • How to diagnose your fascial “type” (45:09 – 47:47)
  • Recognizing your body’s limits after age 50 (47:47 – 49:29)
  • Nightshade-free diet helps some with chronic pain (49:29 – 50:53)
  • If you’re inflexible or stiff, try this type of exercise (50:53 – 52:35)
  • Swimming: The fluid motion benefits everyone (52:35 – 52:57)
  • Acupuncture and massage don’t help? Try Rolfing (52:57 – 55:20)
  • How foot massage can change your entire body (55:20 – 56:49)

You can learn more about Dr. Steelsmith’s work at DrSteelsmith.com.

You can connect with and stay in touch with Sarah at her website www.bottomlineinc.com! Find Bottom Line on Facebook @WeAreBottomLine and at Bottom Line Inc. on  www.linkedin.com.

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