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Western, or “allopathic,” medicine is defined as a system in which medical professionals treat symptoms and diseases using drugs, radiation or surgery. In short, we’re treating a lot of different ailments using a lot of isolated methods. But are we creating better health? There are those who question it, including both Bottom Line CEO Sarah Hiner and Dr. David Sherer. They discuss the debate in this edition of The Bottom Line Advocator. Both Dr. Sherer and Sarah look to the importance of treating the human body as a whole—a well-oiled machine, if you will. What problems have risen in the medical community as a result of this fast-paced, technology-driven world where communication has broken down? What are some of the qualities you should look for when searching for a doctor? And according to Dr. Sherer, what needs to change? All of those topics explored, and more, in this edition of The Bottom Line Advocator.

For more with Dr. Sherer, click here for his video interviews, or purchase his memoir, The House of Black and White: My Life with and Search for Louise Johnson Morris.

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