How are you sitting or standing right now? Slumped over a smartphone? Neck cricked while you peer through the bottom of bifocals?

If that’s all too (painfully!) accurate, then you need to learn why improving posture matters—and the easy ways to do it—in Bottom Line’s Guide to Good Posture (and Why You Need It).

Read how straightening your spine improves your health—body and mind—below in Bottom Line’s Guide to Good Posture (and Why You Need It)…



Stand (and Sit) Tall!

No More Slouching: Easily Improve Your Posture with 3 Simple Exercises

Have a Pro Take a Look at Your Posture

Feel-Great Posture

Banish a Bad Mood in Just Minutes

Posture Perfect Workouts

The Wall Workout

Beyond Sit-Ups: 5 Key Exercises to Strengthen Your Core

7 Ways to Plank for Strength, Flexibility and Balance

Lose the Pain in Your Neck, Legs, Back…

For Chronic Neck Pain, What’s Best?

The Secret Muscles That Can Cause Chronic Pain

No More Foot and Leg Pain

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