Whether you’re dealing with achy carpal tunnel…swollen arthritic knuckles…painful cracked fingertips…cold “blue” fingers…or some other hand issue—when your hands aren’t there for you, you have a problem. In fact, it could be a bigger problem than you realize—and even affect how long you’ll live. So here’s how to keep your hands in top shape!

Welcome to the Bottom Line Guide: How to Keep Your Hands Strong, Pain-Free…and Happy! In the articles below, our experts tell you the best ways to deal with common hand ailments…what your hands can say about the health of the rest of your body…and what people with hand problems need to know and do to keep their whole bodies healthy. Learn seven easy exercises that keep arthritic hands limber…how your hands can help you lower your blood pressure…the pinch that cures nail-biting…what you don’t want your manicurist to do to your nails…why your longevity depends on whether you can open a pickle jar…and much more.

Read below for details and so your hands will be strong, healthy and happy!


Make Old Hands Look Young Again

Milk Soak and Other Home Remedies for Softer, Smoother Hands

Nail-Biters: Beware of Warts and Worse

The Scary Truth About Manicures

No More Brittle Nails This Winter

Nail Polish Alert!


Your Fingers Reveal Health Information

Strong Hands, Long Life?

What’s Going On with My Fingernails?

Keep Your Hands Young and Strong—7 Simple Exercises Reduce Pain and Stiffness…In Just Minutes a Day

Squeeze This to Lower Blood Pressure

Warm Hands and Feet to Bring On Sleep


Easy Exercises Relieve Carpal Tunnel

Mysterious Pain or Numbness in Your Arms or Legs? It Could Be a Sign of Peripheral Neuropathy

Finger-Joint Replacement—This Breakthrough Treatment Can Make Your Hands Strong Again

Cold Fingers and Toes May Mean Raynaud’s Disease

30 Handy Aids for Achy Hands

The Real Reason Your Joints Won’t Stop Hurting

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