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Bob Stutman, former head of the DEA’s New York office and currently one of the nation’s top experts on drug usage, was once told by a doctor, “The day I got out of my residency, I was no longer a physician…I was a business man.” This may not be true of every doctor, but it shines a light on one of the larger issues contributing to the worst drug epidemic in modern history—the pressure on doctors to treat patients with prescription pads rather than with safer, cheaper alternatives. In this podcast, Bob discusses this cultural shift and its implications with Bottom Line CEO Sarah Hiner. Our tendency to treat every ache and pain with a pill has gone too far, and with Big Pharma in control, it falls on us to educate ourselves and ask the questions—why is this still happening…and what steps can we take to shift the culture away from drug dependence and bring an end to the opioid crisis? As Bob says in this podcast, “It’s far more than a drug epidemic…it’s a culture-changing epidemic.”

For more information, check out Bob Stutman’s website, https://thestutmanswitalskigroup.com.