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Just as the world started to open up, the news started to report frightening numbers of new cases of the coronavirus. But what about the deaths and hospitalizations? Treatment options are increasing, and death rates declining…but you wouldn’t know it from the media.

In this edition of the Bottom Line Advocator Podcast with Sarah Hiner, Dr. Max Gomez—nine-time Emmy Award–winning medical journalist with New York’s CBS-TV—joins Bottom Line President Sarah Hiner to give important perspective on the rising numbers of COVID cases .

Specific topics covered…

  • Second spike vs. extension of Wave 1 (4:31 – 8:34)
  • Pattern of sickness is changing (8:34 – 12:35)
  • Monitoring the right data to understand the extent of the danger (12:35 – 16:55)
  • Watch the hospitalizations (16:55 – 20:28)
  • Can the system handle the increase? (20:28 – 22:04)
  • In-hospital treatments: Remdesivir, dexamethasone, blood plasma treatment (22:04 – 34:50)
  • Hydroxychloroquine: The latest news (34:50 – 43:02)
  • Zinc and viruses (43:02 – 45:00)
  • How accurate is testing? Nasal swab (45:00 – 48:02)
  • Inconsistencies in the anti-body test (48:02 – 52:22)
  • The two elements that increase your risk for COVID- (52:22 – 53:38)
  • How close is COVID to being a “treatable disease”? (53:38 –

You can follow Dr. Max at DrMaxGomez.com.

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