With Leonard Nimoy’s recent passing, we’ve been reminded of the extensive damage lung disease (usually caused by smoking!) can do. Here’s something to help build up your lungs without harmful drugs.

This remedy requires an investment of a little bit of money and some time. But if you want to increase your lung power and breath control, try taking up a musical instrument—the harmonica. It’s fun! Don’t use a cheap, awful-sounding toy. Get the real thing—the “Marine Band” style, made by Hohner. It’s a good beginner’s harmonica, and it’s inexpensive at around $35.

Hohner also publishes books that teach you to play the harmonica while you strengthen your lungs. Playing the harmonica has even been known to alleviate symptoms of emphysema. Who knows—it may start you on a whole new career. For more information, check out the article Colorado Patients Coping with COPD Hum on the Harmonica for Help on the Hohner website.

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