My sister and my son both suffer from migraines, so I’ve seen the agony these terrible headaches can bring…not to mention the disruption to daily life that occurs when all a person can bear to do is lie in the dark waiting for the pain to end. If you get migraines, too, my heart goes out to you!

But I can offer you something better than sympathy. Here’s real help, gathered from top medical, naturopathic and homeopathic doctors who treat this debilitating condition every day. They explain how paying attention to premonitions (not auras) that appear days before a migraine can allow you to take preventive action…which B vitamin is just as effective as triptans but doesn’t cause the drugs’ terrible side effects…how a flower remedy cuts the frequency of migraines in half…why precision-tinted eyeglasses and contacts reduce the likelihood of an attack…and much more.

Read about these and other surprising migraine treatments so your busy life doesn’t have to be so painfully interrupted…

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