Is marijuana a healing herb…or is it just dangerous? People in both camps feel strongly about their positions. But if you want to have an informed opinion on whether marijuana should or shouldn’t be legal and under what circumstances, then you’ll need results from actual scientific research into what it might actually be good for…and how it might actually hurt people. As of September 2014, medical use of marijuana was legal in 23 states and the District of Columbia. Some doctors call it a miracle drug, even the “next penicillin”…other authorities are issuing serious warnings—including a recent concern from state highway safety experts that drivers high on pot will lead to more fatal accidents.

So—is marijuana a threat to public health…or a useful, even vital, alternative for treating some serious ailments?

Reality: The top experts in Bottom Line’s Guide to Marijuana—Its Health Benefits and Dangers are here to help you separate fact from hype. Our experts tell you what has actually been scientifically proven and answer questions you’ve asked—such as does marijuana really help with certain ailments or just make you not mind the symptoms so much? And is it really less harmful than alcohol as is often claimed? You should also know about the digestive side effect that even doctors don’t always consider…the potential threat to your heart—and your life…the bottom line regarding addiction and who’s most at risk…how to not get high but still get the medical benefits…an easy, surprising way to avoid cravings for users who are trying to cut back…and much more.

Read below for more about these and other real benefits and dangers of marijuana…

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