You’ve reached your weight-loss goal! Yes! But you now wonder how to keep from gaining it back—especially when you consider that two-thirds of dieters not only do regain the weight they lost, they end up weighing more than they did before dieting. But that doesn’t have to happen to you!

The solution: Bottom Line’s Guide to Keeping Weight Off—for Good! Our top experts provide dozens of simple, practical, effective—even enjoyable—weight-control strategies to help you stay svelte without having to adopt a lifetime of austerity and deprivation. Their slimming “secrets” include the real truth about calories (it will surprise you)…how the time of day that you exercise determines whether you’ll pack on unwanted pounds…all about the “Friday Syndrome” (and how to beat it)…why eating more can help you weigh less, as long as you eat more of the right foods…how being more sensual can keep you slim…the “greasy” food that keeps weight off…and more.

And even if weight gain hasn’t been a problem for you so far, bad habits can creep up on all of us—such as on a vacation or over the holidays. So everyone will benefit from knowing these vital strategies to maintain help you your healthy weight permanently…

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