Do you need a healthful trick to get rid of those extra pounds? Here’s one that uses a tasty drink…

We told a friend of ours about a grape juice remedy recommended by psychic healer Edgar Cayce. Since starting this grape juice regimen, our friend’s craving for des­serts has almost disappeared, her eating patterns are gradually changing for the better and she’s fitting into clothes she hasn’t worn in years.

What to do: Drink three ounces of pure grape juice (no sugar, additives or preservatives) that is mixed with one ounce of water a half-hour before each meal and at bedtime. Drink the mixture slowly, taking from five to 10 minutes for each glass.

We do not have scientific evidence supporting grape juice as a weight-loss aid, but we’ve seen it work. The bold, satisfying flavor of grape juice curbs your appetite…and gives you a good dose of daily potassium and vitamin C to boot!

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