Do you feel like you’re unable to resist a sweet, gooey, caramel-filled chocolate candy…a big bowl of pasta with cream sauce…a whole bag of salty fried chips…or some other source of excessive sugar, starches, fat and calories? And when you do give in—maybe you’re bored, stressed, tired or angry—do you then feel bad about yourself because not only did you just eat unhealthy junk, but once again you lacked will power?

Don’t beat yourself up—that doesn’t help! Instead, you can take control and feel better about yourself with our Bottom Line Guide to Conquering Your Cravings. This plethora of practical, proven advice from our top experts will tell you exactly what kind of “self-talk” will help you resist those cookies, chips or chocolates (or whatever)…a surprising exercise (it’s not strenuous!) that can help you pass up your favorite sweet snack…an easy way to lose your sugar habit in only a few weeks…surefire methods for breaking the cycle of emotional eating…the nighttime habit that will help you eat healthier the next day…what particular food longings might be telling you about imbalances in your body…how to handle bad news without a tub of ice cream…and much more.

And the best part is—you’ll enjoy your food more…and feel better about yourself. So read on…


Why We Crave…and What To Do Instead

Addicted to Bad Foods? It’s Not Your Fault!

Why Bad News Makes Us Crave High-Calorie Foods

Tired? Dizzy? Craving Salt? Could Be Low Aldosterone

Craving Chocolate? Or a Burger? Here’s What Your Body May Be Trying to Tell You

Rubman’s Digestion Connection

Why Sleepy Brains Yearn for Junk Food

Sleep Your Way to Skinny

Handling Stress and Other Triggers That Derail Good Intentions

Put a Stop to Stress Eating

Food-Free Stress Relief

How to Stop Thinking About Food and Get On With Your Day

The Simplest Way to Stop Overeating: Use This Five-Point Hunger Scale

I’m Kicking the Sugar Habit!

Quick and Easy

Talk Yourself Out of Food Cravings

How to Walk Away from Cravings

Beat Chocolate Cravings with This