I see many patients with hard bumps in their mouths called tori. This is a benign bony prominence that is usually found on the roof of the mouth along the midline (a palatal tori) or the lower jaw underneath the tongue (mandibular tori). In the latter case, there are usually bumps on both sides of the mouth, but in 10 percent of cases, there may be a single torus.

This condition is quite normal. It’s more common in men and appears to have a genetic component. Further, certain lifestyles can induce the production of extra bone, which is most commonly seen in the upper jaw against the checks in weightlifters or people who clench or grind their teeth.

This excess bone is harmless and does not create an issue unless someone needs dentures. It may then need to be surgically removed.

Always consult with a dentist to ensure the proper diagnosis of a tori to eliminate other serious conditions such as infections, pathology, or other medical diseases. It is routine to have this checked during a comprehensive exam that includes an oral cancer screening.

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