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Telemedicine is transforming the health-care system. It has been a lifesaver for both doctors and patients during the pandemic, and it will be one of the bright spots to come out of the quarantine as its many benefits make health care safer and more accessible. There are, however things you need to know about how best to use this new technology…what it’s limitations are…and how to get the most out of your time with the doctor.

In this edition of the Bottom Line Advocator Podcast with Sarah Hiner, nationally acclaimed preventive cardiologist Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum joins Bottom Line President Sarah Hiner to share her experience and recommendations for the use of telemedicine.

Specific topics…

  • How the world has changed since the start of COVID (0:00 – 5:23)
  • When patients got scared (5:23 – 6:25)
  • Face-to-face conversation is richer (6:25 – 9:19)
  • Can tests be done with telemedicine? (9:19 – 11:35)
  • Testing technology for smartphones (11:35 – 13:36)
  • For those not-so-tech-savvy  (13:36 – 16:35)
  • Connecting to Electronic Health Records (16:35 – 17:17)
  • Telemedicine and psychological counseling (17:17 – 18:28)
  • For those who needed testing (18:28 – 19:32)
  • Unreported deaths due to COVID-19 not because of COVID-19 (19:32 – 20:32
  • Top uses of telemedicine (20:32 – 22:10)
  • Compliance for follow-up improvements in telemedicine    (22:10 – 23:18)
  • No wasted time (23:18 – 25:31)
  • How to prepare for a telemedicine appointment (25:31 – 27:00)
  • Can you do an annual physical via telemedicine? (27:00 – 28:44)
  • Second opinions and increased collaboration (28:44 – 30:44)
  • Lessons learned about self-advocacy (30:44

To learn more about Dr. Steinbaum and her work at SRSHeart.com.

You can connect with and stay in touch with Sarah at her website www.bottomlineinc.com! Find Bottom Line on Facebook @WeAreBottomLine and at Bottom Line Inc. on  www.linkedin.com.

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