While it’s true that antihypertensive drugs do lower blood pressure and reduce your risk for stroke, they don’t work for everyone. Worse, the drugs’ side effects, such as leg cramps, fatigue, depression and erectile problems, can be daunting to say the least—especially if you have to stay on them the rest of your life. If you’re feeling like your choices are a lifetime of drug-induced misery versus an incapacitating medical condition, take heart! There are much better ways to get your blood pressure down and keep it there—and you won’t have to take a single drug.

In the Bottom Line Guide to Healthy Blood Pressure—Naturally, we’ll tell you about dozens of ways to control your blood pressure that are proven, effective, simple—and even enjoyable—but are entirely drug-free. You’ll learn about a hand exercise that lowers your blood pressure 15 points…the lunchbox snack you ate as a kid that lowers systolic pressure (the top number) 7 mmHg…how to lower systolic pressure 17 points and diastolic pressure 10 points by doing this with your toes…what’s red, round, delicious (but isn’t an apple!) that can reduce your blood pressure 10 points in 24 hours…what a particular kind of singing or walking barefoot can each do for you…and much, much more.

Important: Don’t stop taking a blood pressure drug without discussing it with your doctor first—and you might want to show him or her these articles. Read below how to have healthy blood pressure naturally…

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