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Did you know that there actually is an opioid shortage? And no one is talking about it—until now. Several opioid-based drugs are critical components on surgical anesthesia and post-surgical care—yet there is a major shortage of these drugs at hospitals. Implication? Patients are at risk during surgery or at risk of having their surgeries delayed. In this edition of the Bottom Line Advocator, anesthesiologist, and winner of Health Tap’s leading anesthesiologist award, Dr. David Sherer discusses with Bottom Line CEO Sarah Hiner how this shortage began… how everyone from cancer patients to people with chronic pain are now suffering…and what to expect going forward. Other questions explored—are doctors too quick to use opioids even after surgery? How are the substitute drugs putting patients at risk? What should patients be asking their doctors when they are planning their surgery? All of those questions answered and more in this edition of the Bottom Line Advocator.

For more with Dr. Sherer, click here for his video interviews, or purchase his memoir, The House of Black and White: My Life with and Search for Louise Johnson Morris.

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