When your feet hurt, it puts a damper on more than just locomotion. That’s because the well-being of your feet can influence the health of your whole body. So it’s important to address the root cause of foot pain, and other foot ailments, quickly—before they become serious or even life-threatening problems.

Whether you want relief after beating up your feet on the basketball court or the dance floor…did damage by wearing shoes that don’t fit…need help for a toe that just won’t stop aching…or are hurting from some other foot problem, our experts have solutions.

We’ll tell you about easy and economical therapies you can get from your drugstore, such as the “mouthwash cure” for warts…foot-soothing massages and strengthening exercises that improve balance…ways to avoid the deadly infection that you can get from your sneakers…the reasons why you should worry when you’re feet don’t hurt…and much, much more. Check out the complete guide below…

Drugstore Fixes and Other Easy Solutions

Drugstore Cure for Plantar Fasciitis

The Listerine Cure for Warts

Oh, My Aching Foot! Help for Common Causes of Foot and Leg Pain

Sprained Toe: Common Problem, Simple Solution

Surgery-Free Help for Hammertoes

Exercise and Massage

Easy Ways to Strengthen Feet to Reduce Pain and Stiffness

Sore Feet? Four Feel-Better Yoga Poses

No More Foot Cramps

Soothing Foot Massage for Tired Feet

Holistic and Home Remedies for Happier Feet

Pamper Your Shopped-Out Feet

No More Foot Pain!

When Your Feet Tell You It’s More Serious…

“Listen” to Your Feet

Can a Common Foot Problem Kill You?

“Sneaker Foot” Is a Greater Risk Than Tetanus

What to Do for a Broken Toe

Surprising Fixes for Common Foot Problems

Foot Infection: The Diabetes Complication That Kills More People than Most Cancers

Why Do My Feet Hurt?