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Aromatherapy is lovely. Essential oils are powerful medicine. Same plants…same products…different uses. Peppermint may make a lovely cup of tea, but when used in higher concentrations, it is highly effective at treating irritable bowel syndrome…and when combined with a carrier oil and massaged into your skin, it stops a headache—fast. Lemonbalm massaged into the hands can calm people who are suffering from anxiety and agitation. And rosemary helps improve memory and concentration. The key is understanding how to use them and what not to do, because when misused, even these common and “delicious” scents can cause serious harm.

In this edition of The Bottom Line Advocator, Dr. Joseph Feuerstein joins Sarah Hiner to explain the way he uses essential oils in his clinical practice to treat challenging ailments including antibiotic-resistant respiratory infections, antibiotic-resistant skin infections and assorted mood disorders.

Dr Joseph Feuerstein is associate professor of clinical medicine at Columbia University in New York and director of integrative medicine at Stamford Hospital in Connecticut where he specializes in family medicine. Dr. Feuerstein completed a fellowship in integrative medicine at University of Arizona School of Medicine, where he trained directly with renowned natural physician Dr. Andrew Weil in a wide range of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) modalities with a special emphasis on nutrition and disease prevention. In addition, he is certified in clinical hypnosis, clinical acupuncture and clinical aromatherapy. DrFeuerstein.com

Other topics include:

  • Essential Oils vs. Aromatherapy (1:58 – 3:23)
  • When Essential Oils Turn Harmful (3:24 – 4:19)
  • Why Essential Oils Are So Powerful (4:20 – 10:13)
  • Essential Oils for Respiratory Infections (10:13 – 12:54)
  • Essential Oils Work Like Antibiotics But Better (12:54 – 14:10)
  • How to Use Essential Oils (14:10 – 19:34)
  • Corona Virus and Essential Oils (19:34 – 20:35)
  • Treating Skin Infections (20:35 – 22:50)
  • Treating Headaches (22:50 – 24:40)
  • Improving Memory (24:40 – 29:10)
  • Help for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (29:10 – 32:30)
  • Calming Anxiety and Agitation (32:30 – 38:39)
  • Fall Asleep Faster (38:39 – 40:15)
  • Oils That Increase Energy (40:15 – 42:10)
  • Dr. Feuerstein’s Medical School Confession (42:10 – 43:45)
  • How to buy Essential Oils (43:45 – 53:15)

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Learn more about Dr. Feuerstein and his work at https://drfeuerstein.com/

Essential Oil resource as mentioned by Dr. Feuerstein: https://www.rjbuckle.com/

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