The violent nausea and diarrhea associated with food poisoning certainly are no fun—to say the least! But food-borne illnesses can do much worse than make you feel like your insides are turning inside out. They can leave you with lasting health problems—and  even can be fatal. Whether you’ve already suffered through an unpleasant bout—or you’ve escaped so far—you will definitely want to know how to avoid the dangers of E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria, norovirus, other dangerous microbes…and even parasites.

Bottom Line’s Guide to Avoiding and Treating Food Poisoning has the best advice from our top experts to help you stay healthy, whether eating at home or dining out.

For instance, we tell you about a spice you probably already have in your kitchen that kills E. coli and Salmonella…what common drug makes you more vulnerable to food-borne illnesses, and drug-free remedies to try instead…which foods are most likely to be contaminated with bacteria or viruses that can make you sick—and what “wholesome” chicken really isn’t…how to keep dangerous germs at bay in your kitchen, at your picnic or barbecue, even on a cruise…how to recognize symptoms of parasites you can get from food…and if a microbe does lay you low, we tell you how to get speedy relief for the fast-and-furious nausea, loose bowels and stomach cramps…plus much more.

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