6 Things This Food-Safety Expert Won’t Eat…and One Surprising Food He Will, based on the interview that science writer Jennifer Abbasi did with renowned food-safety lawyer Bill Marler for Health Insider, has gone viral, and been picked up by Business Insider, The Huffington Post, Good Housekeeping, Woman’s Day, The Washington Post, CBS News, CNBC, CafeMom and Thrillist, not to mention the quirky and wonderful Mental Floss.

But some sites misquoted our original story, stating that Marler never eats rare steak. Readers wrote in to say that rare steak is usually safe. They’re right! What Marler actually told us is that he never eats rare hamburgers. As for steaks, he’s careful in restaurants, because “needle tenderizing”—a common restaurant practice in which the steak is pierced with needles or sliced with knives to make it more tender—can transfer microbes from the surface to the interior. So he asks, and if a restaurant uses this technique, he orders steak well-done. Otherwise, rare is fine—and it’s fine for home cooks, too.

Readers also had questions about the safety of Halal meat, Kosher meat, precut vegetables and cold-pressed raw fruit juices. We’ll answer these in a future article. Stay tuned—and keep those comments coming!