Whether you can’t function until you’ve swallowed a morning cup of joe, the stronger the better…or you weigh the temptation of a frothy cappuccino against caffeine jitters and lying awake all night…or you’ve sworn off coffee for some reason—it would be hard to ignore all the news focused on the health benefits of this beverage.

Research has shown that coffee can relieve dry eyes, reduce the symptoms of Parkinson’s, protect against certain cancers—and, according to the latest report, even make you less inclined to suicide. It almost sounds like all you need to stay healthy is coffee!

So you’ve probably been wondering—are those fragrant little beans really as wonderful as touted?

To help you sort out hype from facts, here’s a roundup of some of the ways that coffee actually does do a body good. If you’re not already a coffee drinker, you might want to reconsider…

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