You probably think that you’re getting all the nutrients you need if you eat reasonably, including fruits and vegetables, and avoid (usually!) junk food. But the truth is, even people who think they have sufficient diets are often lacking some key nutrients. These nutrients might not be plentiful enough in the foods you eat…or your body might not be properly absorbing nutrients from food. Either way, your body could be starving for vital nutrients, and that could be causing or exacerbating a host of health problems.

The Bottom Line Guide to Avoiding Nutritional Deficiencies has the information you need to give yourself a nutrient reality check. For instance, we tell you how certain food cravings might mean you need more of a particular amino acid or mineral…how a shortage of a certain vitamin could be at the root of memory problems…how tossing and turning at night could be a sign that you’re short on another well-known mineral…and much more.

Read the articles below to start nourishing your body with just the right nutrients for your optimal health…

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