When it comes to treating depression, the various “talk” therapies and antidepressant drugs that are used can literally be lifesavers. But, unfortunately, they don’t work for everyone, and the drugs can have serious side effects. Isn’t there something else that can help?

Yes! Welcome to the Bottom Line Guide to Depression and  How to Get Drug-Free  Relief—where we have collected the best complementary and alternative recommendations for how to win the battle against this debilitating mood disorder. These natural approaches—including supplements, dietary and lifestyle changes, mind-body techniques and more—really work. And some will undoubtedly surprise you, including how fixing an undiagnosed digestive problem can cure your depression…a 12-minute meditation that improves depressive symptoms by 50% or more…the ancient Chinese pain therapy that improves mild-to-moderate depression better than drugs…why the color of your night-light or alarm clock light might be hurting your mood (and what color light you should use)…the depression-prevention benefits from a very common fruit…the vitamin that helps you manage stress better…why men (and their loved ones) need to be alert for these particular depression warning signs…the good news if you have grandchildren…and much, much more.

Read below about these and other drug-free ways to help you (or someone else) enjoy life again…

Are You (Or Is a Loved One) Depressed?

Self-Test to Know If You’re Really Depressed

Are You “Almost Depressed?

How to Help Your Depressed Loved One

Strong Relationships Between Grandparents and Adult Grandchildren Reduce Depression Risk for Both

Misdiagnosed Depression and Alzheimer’s

About Antidepressants…

Do You Really Need an Antidepressant?

If You Don’t Want to Take an Antidepressant

Happy at Last

Especially for Men

The Danger of “Toughing It Out”

Men and Mental Illness—Subtle Signs to Look For

Lights, Magnets, Music…

Nighttime Exposure to Certain Colors of Light Can Affect Depression Risk

Light Therapy: Not Just for Wintertime Blues

Drug-Free Magnet Therapy for Tough-to-Treat Depression

Music Therapy Helps Reduce Pain, High Blood Pressure, Depression and More

Meditation, Acupuncture, Homeopathy…

Kirtan Kriya Meditation: 12-Minute Brain Boost for Stressed-Out People

Meditation Boosts Memory and Mood

Ease Depression with Meditation and Yoga

The Real Secret to Curing Depression

Acupuncture Relieves Depression

Down and Depressed? Acupuncture Can Help

Yes, Homeopathy Can Help Depression

Best Workouts for Depression

Best Mood-Boosting Workouts for Depression

Walk This Way to Stay Happy and Fit Without Breaking a Sweat

Exercise Can Work Better Than Drugs for Stroke, Depression, Pain and More

Your Stomach…and What You Put In It

Root to Depression May Be In Your Stomach

The Burger That Prevents Depression

Foods and Supplements That Boost Mood

Feeling Blue? Try Bananas

Saffron Tea for the Blues

Misdiagnosed Depression and Alzheimer’s