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With the much anticipated rollout of new COVID-19 vaccines, there’s now hope that the end of the pandemic is finally in sight. But even with the progress that’s being made, there’s a whole lot of contradictory information being reported, and it’s causing a whole lot of fear, worry and confusion among a whole lot of people. What’s truth…what’s hyperbole? How can each of us make the most informed decision about getting one of the new vaccines?

In this edition of the Bottom Line Advocator Podcast, Dr. Max Gomez, nine-time Emmy Award–winning medical journalist with New York’s CBS-TV, joins Bottom Line President and CEO Sarah Hiner to provide answers for everyone’s most pressing concerns—how the vaccines differ, what their reported effectiveness really means, what to watch out for after getting the shot and more.

Topics covered include…

  • Vaccine side effects: What’s normal and what’s concerning? (5:40 – 9:48)
  • How the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines work (9:48 – 11:20)
  • Who should watch out for an allergic reaction? (11:20 – 12:50)
  • What women need to know about getting the vaccine (12:50 – 14:22)
  • The side effect linked to cosmetic fillers (14:22 – 15:20)
  • Should individuals with allergies forgo the vaccine? (15:20 – 16:03)
  • How the vaccine trials compare with other testing (16:03 – 17:37)
  • The difference between mRNA and other vaccines (17:37 – 18:36)
  • Why pain relievers should be avoided before the vaccine (18:36 – 20:41)   
  • How vaccine effectiveness is really measured (20:41 – 26:52)
  • The truth about “breakthrough” cases after the vaccine (26:52 – 28:52)
  • How long will the vaccine protect people? (28:52 – 30:34)
  • Why COVID immunity is different from other infections (30:34 – 35:00)
  • What the second shot does to boost immunity (35:00 – 36:06)
  • How fleeting antibodies will affect herd immunity (36:06 – 44:29)
  • Does the vaccine harm a pregnancy or fertility? (44:29 – 47:06)
  • Advice for those with an autoimmune disease or cancer (47:06 – 49:43)
  • Should I worry about who is administering the vaccine? (49:43 – 52:07)
  • The risk of transmitting the virus after getting the vaccine (52:07 – 54:11)
  • What’s known about the vaccines and new strains (54:11 – 58:01)
  • How non-COVID vaccines affect the COVID vaccine (58:01 – 59:17)
  • What to know about J&J, Novavax and other new vaccines (59:17 – 1:02:45)
  • More details on those at risk for side effects (1:02:45 – 1:04:51)
  • What the future holds for the spread of COVID (1:04:51 – 1:10:43)

You can learn more about Dr. Max’s work at DrMaxGomez.com. To watch his “Max Minutes,” go to https://newyork.cbslocal.com/tag/max-minute.

You can connect with and stay in touch with Sarah at her website www.bottomlineinc.com! Find Bottom Line on Facebook @WeAreBottomLine and at Bottom Line Inc. on  www.linkedin.com.

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