Advances in Breast Cancer Treatment

Women who have breast cancer are now living longer than they did only five years ago. Thanks to recent advances, there have been dramatic changes in the way doctors can treat the disease—making these treatments much more selective and effective. The keys…Read more

More on How to Prevent, Detect, Treat and Recover from Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Prevention

Carbs Raise Risk for Breast Cancer—But Which Ones?

Taking Off Just a Few Pounds Protects Your Breasts

Can Coffee Prevent Breast Cancer?

Never Stick a Cell Phone In Your Bra!

Breast Cancer Genes & Other Risk Factors

Should You Be Screened for Breast Cancer Genes?

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New Clarity on Breast Cancer Screening

Breast Cancer Detection

DCIS Breast Cancer: What You Need to Know Now

3D Mammography Finds More Breast Cancers

Is It Breast Cancer or Not?

Thermography: The Breast Test Doctors Fight About

Dense Breasts Increase Your Cancer Risk—Here’s What Helps

Breast Cancer Treatment

Getting Through the Shock of a Devastating Diagnosis

Cancer Prehab: The First Thing You Need After a Diagnosis

Integrative Therapies for Cancer

Ductal Carcinoma in Situ: The “Noncancer” Breast Cancer

How Breast Cancer Patients Can Avoid Heart Disease

Breast Cancer Drug May Cause Heart Problems

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Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Increased Breast Cancer Death Risk

Recovering From Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Rehab: Vital Therapies Survivors Need But Don’t Get

Help for Lymphedema: Preventing Arm Swelling After Breast Cancer Surgery

Key to Preventing Lymphedema After Breast Cancer

Exercise Reduces Cancer Recurrence Risk

Lack of Sleep Increases Breast Cancer Recurrence Risk

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