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Recent history has presented us with epidemics that have been difficult to contain such as tobacco, alcohol and opioid abuse. What’s next? Digital media.

Alan Blum, MD, one of the foremost authorities on the dangers of tobacco and an anti-smoking leader, is a family physician and professor of family medicine at the College of Community Health Sciences, which also functions as the Tuscaloosa Regional Campus of The University of Alabama School of Medicine. He serves as director of The University of Alabama Center for the Study of Tobacco and Society, which he established in 1999. Currently, Dr. Blum is focusing on what he believes to be an epidemic whose dangers dwarf those of tobacco—digital media addiction.

In this edition of the Bottom Line Advocator Podcast, Dr. Blum joins Bottom Line President Sarah Hiner to discuss digital-media addiction—and explain how society’s reliance on smartphones, table’s and computers is rewiring our brains and negatively affecting our ability to communicate, socialize, think independently and more.

Other topics include…

  • Why does Dr. Blum think this is a topic worth focusing on? (3:30 –7:00)
  • Upside vs. downside of digital media (7:05 – 8:24)
  • Dr. Blum defines digital-media addiction/dependence and how it affects children (8:25 – 13:10)
  • The science behind digital-media addiction, advertising and physical symptoms (13:15 – 21:00)
  • The effect of digital media on the human brain and safety concerns (21:05 – 27:04)
  • How digital media is affecting the medical world, our social lives, communication skills and deep thinking abilities (27:05 – 35:09)
  • How digital media is designed to keep you logged on (35:35 – 39:30)
  • Dr. Blum’s “scariest thing of all”—when it comes to digital media (39:35 – 42:43)
  • Adults and digital media (42:45 – 47:50)

To learn more about Dr. Blum and his work, you can visit CSTS.us.edu

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