When you have back pain, it can take over your life. Whatever it was that put your back out of whack, all you want now is relief from the pain…and the idea of strong pain drugs, or even surgery, looks mighty tempting.

Hold on! Painkillers, especially narcotics, have dangerous side effects…and the drugs won’t cure the cause of your back pain. And while an operation might help, very often it makes the pain worse—but you won’t know that until it’s too late.

Good news: There are many nondrug, nonsurgical treatments that banish back pain safely. Examples: Special exercises, stretches and yoga poses that make pain disappear, often in as little as seven minutes a day…easy forms of self-massage that literally roll aches away…an East Asian healing technique you’ve probably never heard of (no needles needed!)…a fix for a toe problem that resolves back issues, too…and much more. Bonus: How to tell if surgery will help or make matters worse. Explore our Bottom Line Guide to Drug-Free Back Pain Relief

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