Your sleep apnea is a serious condition—you know that. But if your doctor prescribed a CPAP machine—a nighttime face mask connected by tubes to an air pump—you almost certainly hate wearing it, even though it can keep you from suffocating while you sleep. CPAP masks tend to be noisy, clunky and uncomfortable.

We understand—and we can help.

The experts in our Bottom Line Guide to Dealing with Sleep Apnea tell you what you need to know about this serious (life-threatening!) sleep disorder. You’ll learn the best ways to manage your sleep apnea, including surprising information about CPAP and some unusual but effective alternatives. For instance, check out what you can do to your feet and legs during the day that will help you breathe better at night…a dangerous type of apnea that can’t be seen or heard…the shocking thing that happens to your brain if you don’t treat sleep apnea…a happy bonus when you do treat apnea…and two musical (and fun!) ways to reduce snoring.

Read below for how you can sleep comfortably and stay healthy if you have sleep apnea.

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