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There’s good news for the 40 million people who suffer from migraines. Seven new treatments have recently come available…some for prevention and some as “abortive” measures. Even better is that not all are pharmaceuticals. With the complex nature of migraines and the “trial and error” nature of treatments, having a growing pool of safer options is great news!

Dr. Alexander Mauskop, director and founder of the New York Headache Center and one of the leading researchers in the field of headaches for more 30 years, joins Bottom Line President Sarah Hiner in this edition of The Bottom Line Advocator podcast.

And he couldn’t wait to share the news about these treatments and what they can offer to patients:

  • Micro explosion of migraine treatments (2:54 – 4:41)
  • Gender and migraines (5:24 – 6:24)
  • Trigger management (6:24 – 8:24)
  • Migraine—a condition or a disease? (8:24 – 9:27)
  • The best of what’s currently available for treatment (9:27  -10:49)
  • The worst of what’s out there now (10:49 – 12:34)
  • Chiropractic concerns in migraine treatment (12:34 – 15:24)
  • Be sure your doctor is a headache/migraine expert (15:24 – 18:56)
  • New prevention drugs—injectables (18:56 – 22:26)
  • Do different drugs work for different types of migraines? (22:26 – 23:48)
  • Three new injectables for prevention (23:48 – 25:21)
  • Key differences between these new medications (25:21 – 29:29)
  • Electrical stimulation devices for migraine self-treatment 29:29 – 35:59)
  • Green light lamp for self-treatment (35:59 – 40:54)
  • Magnesium and other natural treatments for migraines (40:54 – 44:42)
  • Other preventive measures for migraines (44:42 – 45:28)
  • Psychological factors and other effects (including sexual abuse) (45:28 – 47:44)

Learn more about Dr. Mauskop and his work at http://www.nyheadache.com/.

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