It’s the final week before we close on selling our home of 28 years. We’ve been intensely purging and ridding and donating for three months straight, yet there is still much to do to be ready for the final walkthrough. So it was really inconvenient timing when both my husband and I got COVID this week.  

Overwhelming fatigue had us sleeping on the floor of the house and in the car in the driveway. We simply had no choice but to re-jigger our priorities, try to manage the sickness and let life take its course. From my very rare position of resting on the couch, I share with you my blog about how to handle it when life throws you a curveball. Ironically, this blog was first written in November 2019, right before life handed all of us one of the greatest curveballs of all time—the COVID pandemic.

Watch Out for the Curveball: When Things Don’t Go As Planned | Bottom Line Inc

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