I think of the way we let our skin “go” during the summertime in the same way that we let ourselves eat too much food during the winter holidays. We are a bit indulgent and maybe even glutinous, and by the end of the season our bodies tell us it’s time to get back into our healthy ways. I know I have not protected my upper chest area as well as I should have, and my skin has picked up a lot of new pigment. The pores on my face are quite clogged too. I got careless during the lazy days of summer and my skin is telling the story.

For those of us who got lazy with our skincare this summer, it’s time to begin rejuvenating and protecting our skin again. Here are seven skin rejuvenation ideas to consider:

  1. Clear the sand and sweat out of your pores. Be sure to use a toner with glycolic acid in it to really clean those pores each evening after cleaning your face. I am absolutely astounded by the amount of grime I find on the cotton pad after I swipe with toner each night–and that’s after I have washed my face! Glycolic acid really helps deep clean your pores.
  2. Protect your skin from sun damage with antioxidants. You skin needs vitamin C every morning and vitamin A every evening. I suggest a serum under your moisturizer for this job.
  3. Use botanical acids, along with that daily vitamin C, to lighten those pigmented areas. I use a serum that contains kojic and azelaic acids–two botanical lighteners known to break down those spots.
  4. Exfoliate to lift away dead, damaged skin cells. Make sure you use a gentle form, like a cleanser with bamboo crystals. This is a crucial step in conjunction with the botanical acids to lift and remove pigment slowly and safely.
  5. Moisturize! Your skin gets dehydrated from sun, pool and ocean water. Even when the air is humid you must use moisturizer. I especially like sodium hyaluronate, which is found naturally in the skin and holds onto moisture from the air.
  6. Make an appointment to see your trusted aesthetician for a good rejuvenation facial. I highly recommend a combination peel (chemical peel/microdermabrasion) at the close of every summer season. This will leave you skin looking fresh and new!
  7. Protect all areas exposed to the sun with a mineral sunscreen every single day, rain or shine. Don’t forget to reapply mid-day and cover delicate areas we often overlook such as the ears, neck, chest and hands. These areas really show are age if we don’t take steps to protect them.

You will be amazed at how beautifully yours skin will bounce back after summertime fun and sun with some high quality, natural skincare products and a visit to your aesthetician for some rejuvenation. Taking care of your skin is as important as getting your kids ready for school, so be sure to add these seven tips to your busy to-do list this fall and bring the healthy glow back to your skin.

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