Life with Menopause

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Weight Issues Run in the Family? Here’s How Women Can Beat Their “Fat” Genes

It's easy to gain weight as you age—especially if weight problems run in your family. But your genes don’t have to be your weight destiny.


New Products for Better Sleep

Getting a good night's sleep is tough if your partner is a blanket hog or a relentless snorer. It's even…


Good Sleep Solutions for Menopause

It's more than just hot flashes that keep women up at night when they're going through menopause. Here's how to get a good night's sleep—again.

At the Heart of It All

Finding Your Purpose: The Key to Less Stress, Better Health

Your best ammunition against unexpected or unwanted change is how you choose to perceive it. Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum tells why knowing your purpose is key.

The Natural Side of Menopause

Healthy Liver, Healthy Hormones…Better Menopause (and Beyond!)

A healthy liver keeps estrogens and other hormones in balance. Important steps to love your liver through menopause and beyond.

At the Heart of It All

What Makes You Happy? Menopause Changes That, Too

Hormones really do change how you feel. Once estrogen fades away, so does that impulse towards sacrifice. It’s time to focus on yourself!


Make Your Workplace Menopause Friendly

Is your workplace menopause friendly? It makes a big difference. Here's how to make it happen.

At the Heart of It All

Maintaining You Through It All

You’ve had stressful times in the past. I am sure of that. And you made it through. Those hard times…

The Natural Side of Menopause

Sweat Your Way to Better Health

Our intrepid menopause blogger, Holly Lucille, ND, is hot on the benefits of home-based infrared saunas. Yes, even if you have hot flashes.


Why Am I Gaining Weight After Menopause—and What Can I Do About It?

I didn't gain weight when I went into menopause, but now, three years later, I have gained 14 pounds—even though…

The Natural Side of Menopause

When Tears Roll Down Your Leg…Urinary Stress Incontinence

“I laughed so hard tears ran down my legs.” When you can’t hold back the tears...ok, what I really mean…


To Stop Hot Flashes, Keep This Diary

If you’re experiencing hot flashes, the hallmark symptom of menopause, you’re eager—OK, maybe desperate—to find ways to make them stop.…

Women's Sexual Wellness

How Women Can Feel Sexier Again (Without Popping a Pill)

If you’re a woman, everyone wants to help you with your sex drive. The medical profession may classify you as…

Sexual Wellness

How Much Sex Makes Couples the Happiest?

Sex and happiness go together like a horse and carriage. But how often do you need to ride to be…

Women's Sexual Wellness

12 Things You Should Know About the New “Female Viagra”

The “little pink pill” called Addyi (pronounced “ADD-ee”—aka “female Viagra”) has been approved by the FDA—five long and contested y...

Sexual Wellness

Sexy Smoothies and More

Improve your sex life…and help your heart… Everybody knows about the “little blue pill” (also known as Viagra). It and…

Mental Health

Natural Cures for Anger

When it comes to human emotions, explosive and out-of-control anger is one of the toughest. It’s not only hard on…

Sexual Wellness

Menopausal Moodiness

Bottom Line/HEALTH: Dr. Lucille, here’s a question for every 40, 50-year-old woman. I’ve gotten pretty moody with my perimenopause. Doctor…

Sexual Wellness

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Personal Lubricants But Were Embarrassed to Ask

When vaginal dryness started making sex uncomfortable, a 50-something friend decided to try a personal lubricant. But at the drugstore,…

Sexual Wellness

I Love Menopause

"I hate menopause," a friend recently lamented. "I feel old, sweaty and unsexy." Not me! Though my hot flashes still…