I had a great weekend…for all the right reasons—family, friends, being outdoors and away from my desk. But this one was particularly enjoyable because I spoke with two former Bottom Line Personal subscribers who had only great things to say about us.

My father had given a copy of one of our issues to his golf buddy because it had a story about life lessons from the game of golf. The golfer’s wife stumbled on the issue and called my mother to ask if this could be the same Bottom Line ­Personal that her father used to get (it is!). She said that she and her family used to love this publication.

Then, at a social gathering with my husband, a new acquaintance was thrilled to hear that I am the editor of Bottom Line Personal. She had attended a few of the expert dinners that founder Marty Edelston used to host in New York City years ago. And oh, how she loved Bottom Line.

So that leads me to ask—why are they former subscribers? And what can I do to get them back?

Well, in both these cases, it was easy. They already love us, and I am pretty sure that they are both going to become subscribers again.

But there are plenty of other former subscribers out there who have simply ­forgotten about Bottom Line Personal. That’s understandable—life gets in the way sometimes—family, work, all kinds of obligations—and things get overlooked during the big transitions.

But Bottom Line may be just the thing to help you through the most challenging of times.

So perhaps you know someone like this—a former subscriber who loved us…and then lost us for some reason.

My suggestion: Reintroduce them to Bottom Line Personal by sharing your copy or perhaps a story from our website (BottomLineInc.com)…or, even better, gift them a subscription. I promise you—they will thank you for it.

And let me thank you—once again—for being Bottom Line ambassadors!

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