Death & Dying

Death & Dying

Facing an “Impossible” Health-Care Decision? How to Get the Help You Need

When tough calls must be made for a loved one’s life-threatening ailment, here’s the key hospital resource that can guide you…

Death & Dying

A Way to Give Comfort at the End of Life: Comfort Food

Comfort food—ice cream, mac-and-cheese, beer—are more important than nutrition at end of life. Here’s how to give this joy to a dying loved one.

Death & Dying

Surrogate Health-Care Decisions: Are You Sure You Know What Your Loved One Wants?

You probably don’t know what treatments for serious illness your loved one does or doesn’t want, a new study finds. Here’s what you need to do now…

Death & Dying

Beware of These Hospice Shortcomings

Hospice is designed to ease suffering at the end of one’s life. But not all providers fulfill this promise. How to avoid common problem areas…

Death & Dying

Write This Letter to Avoid End-of-Life Regrets

Don’t wait until it’s too late to mend old wounds with loved ones. Writing this letter will allow you to live—and die—without regrets.

What Your Doctor Isn't Telling You

How to Treat Health Problems When “Life” Is Not Living?

Are physicians really doing a disservice by prolonging a life that is rife with pain and suffering? The question is complicated and will only get more so.

Death & Dying

Fascinating Facts

Leading cause of death, based on age... Birth to age 12 months: Birth defect Age 1 to 44: Unintentional injury…

Death & Dying

Death Infographic: What We Really Do (and Don’t) Die From

It’s only natural, after hearing about some calamitous event that claimed human lives—be it a car crash, killer storm, crazed…

Death & Dying

Doctor-Assisted Suicide: Straight Answers to Tough Questions

Vermont recently became the fourth state in the US—after Montana, Washington and Oregon—to pass a law allowing doctor-assisted suicide (DAS).…

Death & Dying

Antibiotics at the End of Life: Yes or No?

Excess Antimicrobial Use Found in Patients with Advanced Dementia A new study has identified a trend toward the increased prescription…

Death & Dying

A Great Trip…Can Magic Mushrooms Deliver Peace at the End of Life?

Not that I’m an advocate of taking a pill to solve life’s problems... but a drug that could help dying…

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A Kinder End for Dementia Patients?

When a person you love is in the final stages of advanced dementia, it’s a day-to-day struggle to provide care…


Video Motivates Decision-Making about End-of-Life Care

Pictures Speak Louder than Words All religious beliefs aside, medical and legal experts counsel individuals to create living wills and…

Death & Dying

How to Make End of Life Easier for Your Loved Ones

Greater Comfort, Peace of Mind at End for Those Who Talk About It Talking about death can be difficult so…

Death & Dying

Hospice: A Helping Hand When a Loved One Is Near the End

There’s no denying the heartache when someone close to you is terminally ill. Hospice care can ease the strain for…