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Jim Blasingame is recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on small business and entrepreneurship. He is the creator and award-winning host of the syndicated radio program The Small Business Advocate Show, a syndicated columnist and author of Small Business Is Like a Bunch of BananasThree Minutes to Success, and most recently, The Third Ingredient.

Jim conducts more than 1,000 live interviews annually with his Brain Trust, the world’s largest community of small-business experts, policymakers and entrepreneurs.

In Jim’s world, every week is Small Business Week—and every day is Small Business Day. To celebrate and recognize National Small Business Week, Jim joined Bottom Line president Sarah Hiner in the latest Bottom Line Advocator Podcast to discuss how virtually every small business is also a family business and how that affects both the business and the family including…

  • Why ALL small businesses are family businesses (2:43- 5:14)
  • What defines a family business? (6:25 – 8:07)
  • Jim’s problem with how family businesses are covered in the media (8:08 – 10:37)
  • How millennials and Gen Zs fit into the small-business equation going forward (10:43 – 18:59)
  • An inside look at how families coexist while running a small business (19:26 – 29:50)
  • The second generation of family business owners—Inheriting a family business (29:52 – 38:20)
  • Succession planning—“Son, I want to sell you the business, but you can’t afford it and I can’t afford not to sell it” (38:20 – 41:23)
  • Jim’s advice for those thinking about starting a family business (41:25 – 45:28)

The Bottom Line:  As a small-business owner you will never work harder…and, as long as you are fulfilling your dream, you will never love it more.

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