Top 10 Life Hacks of 2019


Change How You Feel About Stress

You don’t have to feel worried about being worried. Here’s how to use stress to your advantage

Emotional Health

Why You Should Frighten Yourself on Purpose

There are good frights and bad frights, though it can be hard to tell them apart. How to turn frightening experiences into more success and happiness.

Alcoholic Drinks

The Secret to Finding Great Cheap Wine

Great wines from famous places are overpriced. Here's how to find great values by seeking similar wines from obscure regions.


To Improve Your Memory, Try Pink Noise

Noise machines that help people sleep can improve cognitive function, too. Here’s the kind of noise machine you need.


6 Clever Strategies for Ending Bad Habits and Starting Good Ones

There are more effective ways to alter our habits—and they have to do with how we see ourselves.


No Time to Exercise? One Minute Can Get You Fit

The idea that one minute of exercise could lead to big fitness results seems crazy. But the science behind it…


Stop Having the Same Fight Over and Over

Constant arguing can corrode the foundation of any relationship over time. Learn how to fight less–and love more


Netflix Founder Marc Randolph Explains Why Everyone Is an Entrepreneur…and the Keys to Success

Everyone is an entrepreneur in their own life according to Marc Randolph. His lessons for setting direction, coming up with ideas, creating culture and more


Stop Wasting Food and Save Money

The average family of four wastes $1,800 of food a year. Save money with these tips.


Enhance the Impact of What You’re Saying By Optimizing Your Voice

Your voice tells listeners more than what you say. Banish ahs and ums, slow down your speech, adjust your volume.