The Top 10 Smart Money Moves of 2019

Financial Planning

Don’t Let Faulty Beliefs About Money Ruin Your Financial Life

The inaccurate beliefs and harmful attitudes from childhood about how we should deal with money can be unlearned. Here’s how.


The Antiques and Collectibles Market Is Dead—But Here’s How to Sell Your Stuff for a Good Price

Sellers far outnumber buyers in today’s market, but there are still ways to sell successfully.


Invest Like A Nobel Prize–Winning Economist

Nobel Prize-winning economist’s secrets to spotting emotional mistakes made by investors and using them to find attractive stocks.

Health Insurance

Fight Your Medical Bills—and Win!

If you’ve been hit with a huge medical bill, don’t give up. Here’s how four groups of people fought health insurance denials and won.


Writing Your Will Yourself? Avoid These Terrible Mistakes

If you decide to prepare your own will with the help of an online service, you need to be aware of eight common mistakes to avoid.

Tax Planning

Don’t Let the New Kiddie Tax Hurt You

Before you put investments in a child’s name, run these numbers

Retirement Accounts

Why a 401(k) Can Be a Good Place for an Annuity

Congress is expected to pass legislation to make annuities more widely available in 401(k)s. That will have several advantages…


Do You Deserve a Travel Refund?

When customers request refunds, travel companies often balk. Here’s how to get what you deserve.


Retiring Abroad Doesn’t Have to Be Just a Dream

Retiring abroad can be a great way to stretch retirement savings and experience a new part of the world, but the dream can be derailed by doubt.

Retirement Planning

The All-Dividend Portfolio

This strategy does a great job of providing retirement income in today’s low-rate, high-risk investment environment.