One of the most painful events a family can go through is when aging parents need to move to a safer environment. In this video, Adriane Berg, founder of Generation Bold and author of Bottom Line’s Aging for Beginners blog, offers advice on how to negotiate this situation. It is important to acknowledge that your parents are getting older and need to move for their own safety. Once you have admitted this, start to do some of the work for them. Investigate new living arrangements, and be patient when showing the parents these facilities. Take them to places over and over without putting pressure on them. Visit the new home by yourself first, and then take your parents only to the places that greet them with joy and promise meaningful activities. These moves might even be temporary while the parents test out their new environment to see if it is right for them. Also, encourage parents to speak to their friends to discover prospective places to live. But if the parents absolutely insist upon aging in place, help them as best you can by making sure their house is set up for accessibility, security and home care. Do your best to prepare for the worst, and then respect their decision.

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