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When it comes to travel, times have changed. Prices are higher, lines are longer, and a stress-free experience seems unattainable. But there are tricks of the trade that can help ease that stress and let you enjoy your time while traveling.

Enter Pauline Frommer.

Pauline is editorial director and co-president (with her father, Arthur Frommer) of Frommer Media LLC, which owns the Frommer’s guidebooks and Frommers.com. The Frommer guides have been America’s most popular travel book series since their founding in 1957. Frommers.com gets 3 million unique visitors per month and is the go-to stop for travelers who want to get their information from one of the most experienced names in travel. 

In this episode of the Bottom Line Advocator Podcast, Pauline joins Bottom Line president Sarah Hiner to discuss the most common travel mistakes people make and offers her expert advice that will help you get the most out of your next travel experience. 

Topics include:

  • The state of the travel industry today (2:00 – 8:03)
  • Are travelers creating their own problems? (8:07 – 10:03)
  • The #1 travel mistake according to Pauline (10:10 – 15:00)
  • Tips and advice to help you properly budget when on vacation 15:03 – 17:32
  • Strategies for purchasing and planning airfare (17:35 – 33:28)
  • Navigating hotels, Air BnBs and other accommodations (33:32 – 40:47)
  • When it’s OK to spend money (and sometimes overspend) when traveling (and when to hold back) (41:13 – 43:30)
  • Who to seek out for advice when traveling (43:35 – 45:17)
  • Why Pauline only travels with carry-on bags (and you should, too) (45:20 – 51:08)

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