Are your nails brittle, splitting or just generally sad? You might need a nutrient boost, such as more B vitamins, zinc, calcium or vitamin D. Or your weak nails could be a sign of a serious condition, such as diabetes. So sad, brittle nails should send you to the doctor! If he/she says there’s nothing that clean living won’t fix, then work on building a better diet and try these remedies…

Tap to the beat of better nails: While tapping your nails on a table can be very annoying to people around you, it is very good for your nails. The more you tap, the faster they will grow.

Tasty beverage fingernail soak: Ginger ale contains monopotassium phosphate, a natural strengthening agent. Soak your nails in a glass of ginger ale for 10 minutes, and then rinse. Do this daily for at least a week or until your nails look nice and bright.

Brightener from your bathroom: Fluoride is said to help nails grow faster and stronger. Consider rubbing a tiny dab of nongel fluoride toothpaste on each fingernail at bedtime. (You should see results in a week or two.) Get the yellow out: The same abrasive and bleaching properties in tooth-whitening toothpaste also can work on nails. So if it’s yellow staining you want to remove, squeeze out a portion of the toothpaste on an old toothbrush and scrub your dull fingernails with it. Then wash it off and marvel at the difference. Oh, and if your nails are stained yellow from smoking, you know what to do….

A little love and olive oil: Maybe your fingernails need a little love and attention. Massage a few drops of olive oil into them, then use a tissue to buff them until they’re oil-free and shining. Do this whenever your fingernails look dull and neglected.