Hotels spend a lot of time trying to find ways to give you a great night’s sleep. Good news: Often, you can buy the same pillow that you take a liking to at a hotel for your bed at home.

Among the hotels that feature excellent pillows*…

Four Seasons has a Pillowtex 75% White Goose Feather/25% White Goose Down Pillow that may be the best down/feather pillow on the market for side sleepers. It offers the softness of white goose down, but it is overfilled for extra neck support.The double stitching ensures the overfill won’t burst out. Price: $50.**

Marriott usually provides the Marriott Feather & Down Pillow. These medium-firmness down-and-feather pillows feature a two-compartment system—an inner compartment contains mostly feathers for structure and support, while a surrounding outer compartment contains mostly goose down for fluffy softness. It’s a great choice for back and stomach sleepers, but it provides insufficient neck support for most side sleepers unless combined with a second pillow. The Down Surround is sometimes marketed as DownAround or Touch of Down. Price: $73.

Also: Marriott generally provides an alternate pillow as well—the Marriott Down Alternative Eco Pillow. It is a fairly firm synthetic pillow that is appropriate for side sleepers and those allergic to goose down. Price: $35.

The MGM Grand in Las Vegas provides the Down Etc. Diamond Support Feather Pillow. It contains 95%  feathers and 5% down. Pillows with such a high ratio of feathers to down provide lots of support, but they generally lack softness, and the quills create a slightly bumpy feel against the skin that some find annoying. Down Etc solved these problems by enclosing the Diamond Support Feather Pillow in a double layer of quilted fabric, which supplies a soft barrier between feathers and skin. It’s an excellent choice for side sleepers. Price: $65.

Ritz-Carlton provides the Pacific Coast Feather Company Tria All Down Pillow. These are similar to the Pacific Coast Down Surround pillows, only with more depth and loft, which makes them appropriate for side sleepers. Price: $90.

Westin usually provides the DownLite Hotel 50/50 White Goose Feather Blend Pillow. Few hotel pillows can match its softness because few contain this much down (50%)—25% is more common. And white goose down produces wonderful loft and recovery even compared with other down. This is an excellent pillow for back sleepers and acceptable for side sleepers. It has too much fill for stomach sleepers. Price: $75. (search “Feather Pillows”).


Pacific Coast pillows occasionally are available at Costco at very low prices—sometimes as low as $45. The product names are likely to be different to avoid competing with the Pacific Coast pillows sold at higher prices elsewhere, but they essentially are the same pillows.

*All prices are typical for standard-size 20-inch-by-25-inch pillows.